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Hearing Protection

X-COM Active, helmet mount

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Product description

Husqvarna X-COM Active protects your hearing while enabling reliable and crystal-clear intercom. Developed by Husqvarna specifically for tree care teams, this robust and comfortable hearing protection with a full duplex intercom system allows up to 10 people to talk simultaneously. Protected from loud noises you can still hear ambient sound, connect your devices via Bluetooth®, and add external users to the team’s conversation with a phone call. Compatible with Husqvarna Technical helmet and Arborist Spire helmets. Two adapters are included to fit several helmets.

5-year warrantyFinance options

Product Information

Features (13)

Full duplex communication enables up to 10 team members to communicate simultaneously without any delay, and with high audio quality in noisy work conditions. image

Headset to headset communication

Enables crystal-clear communication with up to 10 team members

Connect one or two smartphones or other devices to your headset via Bluetooth® MultiPoint Technology, for wireless audio streaming and hands-free phone calls. Team communication is always prioritised. image

MultiPoint Bluetooth® connectivity

You can connect two devices with Bluetooth® to your headset at the same time

By using the Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect any external user to your whole team through a phone call. This is particularly useful when working with users who don't own X-COM Active. image

Add external users

People without X-COM Active can communicate to you and your whole team via a phone call

Easily divide communication without splitting up the team with the press of a button. By pressing and holding the button, you can reach out to everyone simultaneously. Work in smaller groups, but be able to reach everyone when it's time for lunch. image

Three group channels

You can divide the team conversation in up to three group channels

The comfortable ear defenders protect your hearing from harmful noise, such as from petrol- or battery-driven equipment. Sound attenuation (SNR level) 32 dB. image

SNR 32 hearing protection

Protect your hearing from noise caused by petrol- or battery-driven equipment

The noise-cancelling boom microphone distributes your voice clearly to your team members as well as in phone calls, regardless of engines running nearby or other ambient noise. image

Noise-cancelling boom microphone

Enables clear voice communication without disturbing background noise

Work with your team in a range from zero to more than 400 meters and maintain crystal-clear communication throughout the entire distance. image

Communication range over 400 meters

Clear communication also when team members are far away from each other

You can manage all settings easily with the large buttons and important functions have specific buttons, to make them quick and intuitive to operate. Every setting is handled directly on the device and there is no need for an app. image

Large, easy-to-use buttons

Large, intuitive buttons let you manage all settings with your gloves on

The headset is IP45 rated and built to withstand rain, wind, cold and heat. image

Robust and weatherproof design

Developed for extremely demanding work conditions

The built-in microphones in the left- and right-side ear cuffs let you hear ambient sounds such as talk, approaching vehicles etc, while blocking harmful noise. image

Hear ambient sounds

Built-in microphones in the ear cuffs let you hear ambient sounds

The system's self-healing wireless network technology enables team members to leave and rejoin the team without affecting communication for others. For instance, if some members walk away, they will automatically create their own network. When they return, they will automatically rejoin the larger network. image

Self-healing wireless network

Leave the team without affecting the communication

The integrated battery charges quickly from any USB-C charger and lasts a full workday. Charging cable is included. image

USB-C rechargeable battery

USB-C cable included to charge the integrated battery

The sidetone function allows you to hear yourself while talking to eliminate unintended shouting. image

Sidetone function

You’ll hear your own voice in the headset, in a natural sound level


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